What a lot of talented children we have! 

Many of our children shared these musical talents with us this afternoon at Showtime.

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Measuring up for the Olympics

Ospreys have been busy preparing the ‘top playground’ for the Olympics!  They have been using their maths skills to mark out the playground.

“Me and Myles did the long jump…& the javelin.” Patrick

“We had to draw out the athletics markings they use in different events and draw them with chalk.” Myles

“We did the high jump & the pole volt. We had to draw & measure it.” Declan & James

“We had to draw out the running track & put on all the numbers… it was about 8m long.” Paige & Leona

“We did drawing the lines and by the yellow lines.” Henry


In the jungle…

Today Osprey’s have performed their fantastic adaptation of the Jungle Book .  They all shone like the brightest stars… and there were lots of budding actors amongst them!

Thank you to EVERYONE who helped in some way.

Have a look at what has been happening down in the jungle!

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Year 4 residential

The year 4’s went off to Parkend in the Forest of Dean for three days last week.

Erin: I thought it was really fun.  We did lots of activities.

Ruby: We did lots of things I had not done before.

Marly: All the activities were good, but the beds were lumpy!

Jacinta: It was great fun, but hard to get to sleep!

Taibian:The zip wire was my favourite – you just launch yourself off!

Have a look at some of the things they got up to.