Jubilee Picnic

Everyone had great fun at our Jubilee Picnic today.  Each class made bunting, some people made crowns and we had plenty of food to share!!


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Up, up & away.

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Ospreys have been busy making rockets and using force to make them fly.

“We had to shoot our rocket using old containers and the air made them fly.  We measured whose went the furthest, and Ruby’s won.” Brook, Ruby & Leona

Stroud in Bloom

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“Yesterday we were planting plants to go into the hanging baskets & pots.  we split into two groups, one group planted the pots & one group planted the baskets. 

Chris showed us how to take the plants out of their small pots & put them into the baskets or big pots. 

We had our photo taken for the Stroud News & Journal.

They are going to be taken away at the end of June and displayed in Stroud as part of the Stroud in Bloom competition.”

Ellie & Evie


All about numbers

Ospreys have been looking at numbers and have been doing a number search outside.  They have been finding the numbers and writing about their properties & then rounding them up or down.

Ruby, Owen & Brook said “We have been writing if the the numbers should be rounded up or down, so 41,42,43,44 would ‘go down’ to 40, or 45,46,47, 48 & 49 would go up to 50.”

Have a look at what they have been doing.

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