Hedgehogs & Butterflies

Thank you very much to all our visitors this week who have  brought in hedgehogs & moths into school for the year 3 , 4 & 5 children to look at, and Ruth Davey who has been doing some photography work with the year 5’s.

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The children have also created clay hedgehogs and Sparrowhawks have been on a mini beast hunt.

Just hanging around?

Thank you to Mr Muskett who helped make the abseiling day a great success – they had 23 people going down, luckily he was early on in the listings as it took 3/4 hour to get the first two people down and I think they were probably there all evening!

 There was a good turnout of people watching with parents past, present & future!

Mr Muskett did a great job and made it down just before it started tipping it down with rain. 

Here are the highlights:

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