Sparrowhawks visit Sainsburys

Since half term, Sparrowhawks have been looking at fractions. We have all designed our own fraction pizza. Today, we visited Sainsburys to buy the ingredients that we needed to make our pizzas. We looked at different deals and worked out which products were the best value for money. We are looking forward to using out ingredients to make our fraction pizzas tomorrow!






Mark Robson Writing Workshop

On Tuesday, some of our most talented writers were joined by 18 other children from local schools for a day-long creative writing workshop. This was led by Mark Robson, the author of the Darkweaver and Dragon Orb series, who shared some of his author’s tips and experiences with the children.
Children were challenged to write their own short story during the workshop, while Mark offered insights and advice about how to improve their writing and target their audiences. The silence in the room was testament to how absorbed the children were in the session and in creating their stories…you could have heard a pin-drop as the children set about conjuring up gripping introductions and fast-paced adventures.
Mark was very impressed with the children’s writing talent, and we were impressed with our children’s engagement and understanding.





Have a look at some of the work they produced.

erin gastrells


Toby Gastrells1

Gastrells Luke1

Gastrells Lucas 2

gastrells campbell 2