Able Writers Workshop with Marcus Alexander

Gastrells hosted another super writing workshop today, this time lead by writer Marcus Alexander. Ten schools came to visit to find out about Marcus’s books and writing style, and found that not all writers spend their days sat at a computer…
As an athlete, cage fighter and free-runner, Marcus helped to expel the stereotypes about what authors look and sound like. The children enjoyed hearing about his travels and some of the unusual things he has eaten around the world!

Thanks to Marcus for inspiring the children, and to all of the children for working really hard to produce some super writing.

We All Join In!

The Peregrines have been inspired by Quentin Blake’s book, All Join In. We we specially liked Ferdinand’s chocolate fudge banana cake, and so we decided to make one of our own.
The children had to ‘all join in’ to read the recipe, crush, mix, whisk, spread and slice to create our own version of the pudding.
Then we all joined in to eat it!