What a stink?

Some of our year 5’s had a busy day at Marling using their science labs to create their own perfumes. Have a look at how they got on.





Anyone for Archery?

Well done to Marly, Rudi, Lexi, Mollie, Theo, Pearl, Owen, Cal and Cate who competed in an archery tournament this afternoon. They claimed a fantastic third place after shooting some brilliant arrows. What a wonderful opportunity to compete in a different sport.

Quad Kids

Well done to all the year 3 and 4 children who took part in the Quad Kids athletics competition at Thomas Keble School on Monday night. Each competitor participated in 4 events – 50m, 400m standing long jump and howler throwing. The scores were then amalgamated and a total given to each school. Gastrells came in Silver Medal place in a very hard fought competition. Well done to Paige, Ruby, Leona, Freya, Juliette, Owen, Myles, Theo & Tom.

photo 1

photo 2

photo 3

Gem Power????

We were lucky enough to be visited in school today by Dr Tom Robson.
Ask your children what emerald power, ruby power, sapphire power and diamond power are, and how these ‘powers’ help their learning.

Emerald power – adrenal power, excitement and controlling this to curb over excitement.
Ruby power – oxytocin – produced by smiling and making others feel special and included.
Sapphire power- ability to ignore distraction? Life is full of ‘monster distractions’ – how do we deal with these?
Diamond Power- enabling you to grow your ‘brain forest’. This is produced by problem solving and taking responsibility.

Dr Tom encouraged the children to believe they could do anything and that Gastrells was a very special place, full of Ruby Power.

If you are interested in these powers have a look at Dr Tom’s website: http://www.tredu.co.uk