Goodbye, go fly year 6!


Leavers Poem 2014

Gastrells doors close as the year comes to an end

Off to secondary school our year 6 we send.

Another door opens, towards the future and change,

They all have enthusiasm, resilience and skills, a wide range.

Each learning opportunity, each tear, each smile,

Every achievement we’ve shared with them along the mile.

Jasmine is our lady of fashion,

DKNY, Chanel, for any label she could design with a passion.

Niall our expert in the performing arts,

In years to come we’ll see him taking on many parts.

Our man of manners, concern and care for all,

Marly’s got a great eye and skill with any ball.

At running Joe shows great pace,

He is tough competition in any race.

If there is a date or fact we don’t know,

Kyle is the man to whom we must go.

Rowan is an excellent sound man,

He works well behind the scenes making sure all goes to plan.

Laurence can solve problems in a logical way,

Winning the KNex challenge he did more than just play

Freya has a pair of dancing feet,

Which move to the music with any beat.

Ella her BFF all throughout their time here,

From Matilda, Young Voices, to rounders she will volunteer.

I’m sure we will soon see her on TV

Emily can let any character free.

Kodie is a very sociable creature

Her smile is always a dominant feature.

Erin a key player in our team for netball

We won’t be surprised when England give her a call.

A quick calculator, a mathematical brain,

Ruby’s mental maths is the speed of a train.

Holly has a giggle which is infectious,

Her scream on the zip wire was horrendous!

Yusupha came to us in Sparrowhawks class,

In rounders his play is first class.

A wonderful voice used with courage and skill

Toby attacks all challenges with determination and will.

Jyoti’s general knowledge is forever growing,

Challenging himself, world knowledge showing.

Sam loves his biking and motor cross,

Not having him at school will be a loss.

On residential she gave everything a go,

Isabelle’s Spanish is expanding , enthusiasm for it she does show.

Georgia enjoys her learning activities outdoors,

Exploring and art are things she adores.

Weekly at Judo Ryan has others on their knees,

And he can hit the ball far off , right into the trees.

Mea has wonderful skill with her art

In the mock trial she won the court artist part!

Last June Jayden joined the school late,

But in everything he is happy to participate.

Jacinta’s creative, and often writing,

Her thoughts of being an author are very inviting.

Ella is caring towards the younger classes,

Developing maturity as time passes.

Evie played Maria so well in West Side Story

She modestly soaked up the well earned glory.

Findlay is enthusiastic and full of fun

On the track he can run and run.

Taibian is everyone’s friend,

On him you can always trust and depend.

We wish them all every success

We know they can achieve and be the best.

Driving themselves and achieving their goals,

Moving on in life, taking on many roles.

Good luck all, go fly

The memories will always be there, this is just a goodbye.

Ice Ice Baby!

The Ospreys and Peregrines had an exciting trip to Swindon Link Centre to go ice skating this week.  Many of the children had never been skting beofe, so we used some of our Sports funding to give the opportunity to try out a new experience!

Both Gastrells staff and the staff at the Link Centre were amazed at the bravery and resilience of the children, who all kept trying even when they fell.  The children’s persistence paid off, and by the end of the session they were all able to skate a little without holding on to the edge, and many were zooming about like they had been born with skates on!

The staff at the Link Centre praised the children’s effort and fantastic behaviour.  We were so proud of them – well done Ospreys and Peregrines, and thanks to the staff who helped out and enabled the children to learn a new skill.