Madame Mary in the hot seat

Today Eagles class have been posing questions to Madame Mary about the differences between life in Kenya compared to the UK, listen to our podcast to hear how it went.

Forest School Fun…

Owls at Gastrells

Last Thursday we had our first Forest School session. We played sticky elbows, discovered base camp, had a game of hide and seek and explored the Forest School site. We learned some of the rules for Forest School too – we can climb trees as high as the leaders shoulders; we are not to pick anything that is growing; we found out the correct way to carry small and large sticks; we must try to keep our hands away from our faces and especially our mouths!  We also had a great deal of FUN! Check out our slide show and look out for more photographs of us during the year.

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Russian Club 🇷🇺 

Peregrines Class Blog

Russian club is held in the peregrines classroom on a Monday – here is a quick blog post so that you can see what we got up to.

Today in Russian club we learnt how to write our names! We have a brand new alphabet to learn, it has 33 letters. Miss Smith was incredibly impressed with us when we managed to write our names onto our new books with perfectly formed Russian letters!
🇷🇺 See you next week Russian club. 🇷🇺

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