Getting connected!

Sparrowhawks @ Gastrells

We have been investigating which materials make good conductors and which do not. We created a Carroll diagram to show our results. The school bell did conduct electricity depending on where the wires were placed. Unfortunately we still had the bell at playtime and they had to blow a whistle instead as the bell ringer couldn’t find the bell!!

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Visit to the Stroud Food Bank

The eco council from key stage two visited the food bank today. Following a whole school assembly from Paul Driscoll,  the eco councillors got a tour around the food bank, and  Kids Stuff.

Look out for their report in the newsletter.

An evening in Kenya

Fascinating evening tonight learning about our Kenyan twinned school – Nyahururu DEB School in Nyahururu.  The cold Gloucestershire night melted away under the warm sunny smiles of the children in Nyahururu school. Ms Karen Saunders shared with us a vivid insight into the vibrancy of Kenyan school and family life. There were also shots of the fabulous scenery including the glorious Jakaranda Lake at dawn.
It was clearly a very memorable experience for both Mrs Saunders visiting Kenya and Mary Mundene  (Head Teacher from our exchange school) visiting Gastrells.

I look forward to seeing the development of the links between our two schools, including sharing information about festivals and setting up a pen pals scheme.

Thank you so much Mrs Saunders for this glorious presentation and for so ably representing Gastrells School in Kenya.

2nd in the district for our star netball team!

Incredible afternoon at Stratford Park with our netball team today. Scoring 34 goals without conceding any in the group stage but narrowly losing 3-0 to a strong Callowell team in the final. I am immensely proud of our star team including Leona (captain), Paige, Juliette, Madie, Lexie, Owen and Myles. Without a shadow of doubt this was our best performance of the year with everyone playing their part to make it all the way to the final. My star player of the tournament goes to our captain Leona who lead by example, shot incredibly well and defended brilliantly throughout. 
Well done to everyone, training on Monday! 
Mr M