Sports Ambassadors present awards for the school games values!

Sport @ Gastrells

Today we had a special assembly where our Sports Ambassadors presented special certificates for children in their class who had demonstrated the school games values during P.E.
The school games values are a series of attributes which we encourage at Gastrells they include; determination, self-belief, team work, passion, honesty and respect.

Some of the reasons behind the certificates were the following;

Isabelle – was a very friendly supportive and well organised team captain.
Evie – She is very encouraging and helpful with others in sport.
Max – Good sportsmanship as he didn’t mind when he got out during dodge ball and enjoyed watching and supporting others.

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Building Towers, Pavement Art, Writing, Drawing and playing Swing ball.

Owls at Gastrells

Today we have been busy building towers. We managed to balance on the top of the tower. There were people on every floor of the tower.

We also did lots of pavement art. We drew flowers, a train with a track and Poppy even drew the school!

Some of us had a go at writing and drawing on the white boards outside and some of the boys played swing ball.

We love this nice weather so that we can take our learning outside!

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💦💧 Cleanliness & Keeping Healthy 💧💦

Peregrines Class Blog

We have done lots of work so far this term to learn about healthy foods and exercise. Today we talked about washing our hands properly and have conducted an experiment in the classroom. We put one slice of bread in a bag before anyone had touched it, the second slice we all touched after playtime and then placed in a bag and the third we all touched after thoroughly washing our hands and then also placed it into a bag.

We have made predictions about what we think will happen to each slice of bread and how long we think we will need to wait to see something happen. The bread experiment is displayed on our wall in the classroom so that you can all come and take a look!

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