Making German ‘Windlichte’ winter lanterns

Sparrowhawks @ Gastrells

Sparrowhawks had lots of fun today making traditional German decorated winter lanterns from clay with Julie Fowler, as part of our learning about Germany for World Awareness weeks. The finished lanterns will hold a candle, and the candlelight will shine through shaped holes made in the walls of the lantern.

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🇬🇷Our Greek feast🇬🇷

Eagles Class Blog

Yesterday Eagles prepared, presented, cooked and eventually ate a superb feast of the finest Greek cuisine.

The menu:

Starter- Greek salad (check out their presentation!)

Main- Lamb Koftas with pitta bread and Tzatziki dip

Vegetarian main – Peppers stuffed with rice, chopped olives and feta cheese.

Side dishes- Olives and feta cheese

Dessert- Baklava

Well done to all the children for all their hard work throughout the day and a big thank you to all the TA’s who worked tirelessly throughout the day to prepare everything.

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