Talking For Writing

Ospreys Year 3 @ Gastrells

In our writing we are working on a traditional Brazilian tale How Brazilian Beetles Got Their Gorgeous Coats.To help Ospreys with their writing ,they are making picture plans and telling each other their story.Ospreys are developing their stories through talking to each other and in small groups.

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Testing our tastebuds and making fruit pizzas with Caterlink.

Sparrowhawks @ Gastrells

On Thursday, 10th November, Sparrowhawks assembled in the hall to meet staff from Caterlink. Children tried different kinds of flavours, to see if they could note where in the mouth different tastebuds responded to different kinds of flavours. One of the flavours was the sour acid of a slice of lemon. pupils then made their own fruit pizza, using a watermelon base, with different fruits arranged on top.

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Our Solar System scaled down to 100m

Eagles Class Blog

On Wednesday Eagles made their way to Rodborough common to see what our solar system would look like if it was scaled down to 100m.
The children used a trundle wheel to measure the distances from the sun, all the way out to Pluto (we know it’s not really a planet) which was 98.6m away from the sun.

Here are some comments from the children…

“The further away from the sun you go the further tha planets are apart”

“Other than Pluto all the planets which are further apart are the larger planets”

“Earth is really close to Mars and Venus”

“It’s not surprising Neptune is incredibly cold as it’s very far away from the sun”

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🏆🏐Gastrells remain undefeated as both teams make the final🏐🏆

A huge well done to both our A and B netball team who both finished undefeated in tonight’s Stroud district group stage and both qualified for the final!
Our A team topped their group winning all 4 of their games without conceding a goal. Whilst our B team finished a close second in their group with only goal difference edging them out of top spot.
Well done to all the children involved who played with enthusiasm, skill and passion. Roll on the final where the two teams will face other group winners and second place finishers as well as each other.
A team star player – Juliette 

B team star player – Freya