A virtual tour around Gastrells

Today, Ben, Lexie and Dylan create a video to show a virtual tour around our school.


Pip Harris & Sam Jones, Guilty or Innocent?

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Well it turns out that in the 3 trials that we took part in today that they are innocent (which is good news for Lizzie and Owen). Despite both of our prosecution teams unable to prove beyond reasonable doubt that Pip and Sam were guilty of sending harassing emails they all spoke with such confidence, asking intelligent questions and responding with thoughtful and articulate answers. Our defence team blew away their opposition and won the verdict with all the children playing their part with such maturity and conviction.

The mock trial is a fantastic opportunity for the children to learn about our legal system and the process of a magistrate court. All the children are given roles which would be found in a magistrates court including the defendant, witnesses, prosecution and defence solicitor, court clerk, usher, court artist & reporter and even magistrates. Over the course of the last two…

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A ‘Wicked’ day in Bristol!

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Eagles Class Blog

Today Eagles spent the day in Bristol visiting the Science centre ‘At Bristol’ and watching the musical ‘Wicked’ at the Bristol Hippodrome.

With so much to see, do and experience at ‘At Bristol’ the children busied around learning about the human body, how sound travels, power, stamina and reflexes, light and shadow, food production and so much more. They experienced creating giant child sized bubbles, creating animations, grinding their own flour, becoming weather forecaster, milking a cow and the weight of a human brain.

After a super visit to ‘At Bristol’ the children made the short walk to the Bristol Hippodrome to watch the inspiring musical Wicked. With quirky musical numbers such as ‘Popular’ and jaw dropping songs such as Defying Gravity and No Good Deed, the children were left fully inspired to take on several of these songs in their dance unit later this term.

So after a ‘Wicked’…

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