Life Skills and Carrot Cake

We learn lots of great things at Gastrells. We learn about maths, literacy, geography and history. We also learn about other things that give us the skills we will need for adult life, skills such as shopping and cooking.

On Wednesday 9th March Ben, Scarlett and Mr Harman all set off for Sainsbury’s in Dudbridge. It was quite windy and a bit drizzly so once there we had a quick hot chocolate to warm up before starting our shopping. We searched high and low for the items on our list and talked about expiry dates and worked out how much of each ingredient we needed by checking the weight or volume on each item (maths is all around us!).

Once at the checkout Ben paid for the shopping and we carefully packed our bags making sure the heavy things were at the bottom and the eggs at the top.

On returning to school Scarlett had to go and prepare for the mock trial so Zack from Goshawks came to help us. We measured, mixed, weighed, grated and poured, before Mr Harman carefully placed our master piece into the oven.

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All that is left of the carrot cake now is…was one lonely piece (just been eaten).

Congratulations Ben, Scarlett and Zack for a job well done.

Mr Harman


A Fijian feast, a dance, a sing song and a rhino!

Eagles Class Blog

What a fantastic finish to the term! This week has been jam-packed full of World Awareness activities across many areas of the curriculum. From tackling ‘rhino’ in our tag rugby lessons and learning several new songs in singing and performing them to the school to researching and cooking our own Fijian feast and then sitting down altogether to eat. Not to mention our amazing ‘world in union’ dance with the video attached on the post below.

Singing during WAW from Jake Muskett on Vimeo.

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Week 1 of world awareness ✔️

Peregrines Class Blog

Here are just a few photographs taken over the course of the week for you to enjoy. We have been so busy that we couldn’t post on the blog for each individual activity. These photos show a range of things that we have been up to such as making African instruments, drawing maps , looking at photographs from Namibia and even learning songs and stories.

Can you spot Namibia on our maps of Africa?

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Food Revolution Day!

Wow, what an incredible day! The children thoroughly loved every minute of the Jamie Oliver Food Revolution day challenge!

The day began with Mrs Merriman collecting the ingredients from Waitrose (who kindly donated some money to help us pay for the ingredients), she loaded her car and headed for school. At 8:00am the bread arrived! Over 200 freshly baked bread rolls!

At lunchtime Mrs Clifford and Eagles Year 5’s set to work preparing the ingredients and sharing it all out across the school. What a challenge that was! Then two volunteers from Waitrose arrived to give us a hand!

After lunch we were split in to 26 groups of mixed ages from across the whole school. Then the fun began! To quote Jamie Oliver, “Now we get Crazy!” and we certainly did; chopping, slicing, snapping and bashing (literally) the ingredients together until we had a Healthy Summer salad to fill our sandwiches with.

Now for the tasting, I am pleased to say every child in the school tried something new today; whether that be eating a new ingredient, making a new friend as they cooked with people they wouldn’t usually see or even just being part of the whole school experience!

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Gastrells you were so well behaved and made the afternoon so worth it!

Well done

Mrs Clifford

D&T Expo 2015

Thanks to all the parents and family members who came to our Design and Technology exhibition yesterday.  The children have been working hard using their design and technology skills to produce some fantastic models and mechanisms, and the exhibition is always a wonderful opportunity for them to share their work and see how their skills will progress as they move up through the school.

Take a look at the gallery to see some of their super work.