Aletheia – Our partner school in Argentina

Last term Carolina (parent and Spanish teacher), visited Argentina, taking with her books which were donated from school and in return from books back to share with the children at Gastrells, read an account of her trip and see some pictures below.

I had a really positive experience. Aletheia is a lovely school that shares so many of Gastrells values. Both students and staff welcomed me with open arms. I spent a whole afternoon showing a group of students the video that some of the Eagles pupils made for them. They were really curious about Gastrells and loved the video. They asked me hundreds of questions! They loved the fact that there’s Forest School and couldn’t believe the playing fields that Gastrells has. They also really liked the idea of learning about a different cultures and maths through cooking!

They were very grateful for the books that Gastrells families donated and presented me with lots of books for Gastrells that Aletheia bought following the kids’ recommendations. The kids from Aletheia wrapped up their books beautifully and students from Owls, Peregrines and Ospreys opened then up during our Spanish lesson. These books will be read during Spanish lessons at Gastrells and Mrs Radway and myself will also be handing them out to selected students to take home.

The students from Aletheia have lots of ideas about possible activities to do with Gastrells students and the staff are really keen in developing the relationship between the schools further.

With Carolina visiting Argentina in December, please look out for more information on another book collection in the coming months.

Russian Club 🇷🇺 

Peregrines Class Blog

Russian club is held in the peregrines classroom on a Monday – here is a quick blog post so that you can see what we got up to.

Today in Russian club we learnt how to write our names! We have a brand new alphabet to learn, it has 33 letters. Miss Smith was incredibly impressed with us when we managed to write our names onto our new books with perfectly formed Russian letters!
🇷🇺 See you next week Russian club. 🇷🇺

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