A virtual tour around Gastrells

Today, Ben, Lexie and Dylan create a video to show a virtual tour around our school.


Pip Harris & Sam Jones, Guilty or Innocent?

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Well it turns out that in the 3 trials that we took part in today that they are innocent (which is good news for Lizzie and Owen). Despite both of our prosecution teams unable to prove beyond reasonable doubt that Pip and Sam were guilty of sending harassing emails they all spoke with such confidence, asking intelligent questions and responding with thoughtful and articulate answers. Our defence team blew away their opposition and won the verdict with all the children playing their part with such maturity and conviction.

The mock trial is a fantastic opportunity for the children to learn about our legal system and the process of a magistrate court. All the children are given roles which would be found in a magistrates court including the defendant, witnesses, prosecution and defence solicitor, court clerk, usher, court artist & reporter and even magistrates. Over the course of the last two…

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Life Skills and Carrot Cake

We learn lots of great things at Gastrells. We learn about maths, literacy, geography and history. We also learn about other things that give us the skills we will need for adult life, skills such as shopping and cooking.

On Wednesday 9th March Ben, Scarlett and Mr Harman all set off for Sainsbury’s in Dudbridge. It was quite windy and a bit drizzly so once there we had a quick hot chocolate to warm up before starting our shopping. We searched high and low for the items on our list and talked about expiry dates and worked out how much of each ingredient we needed by checking the weight or volume on each item (maths is all around us!).

Once at the checkout Ben paid for the shopping and we carefully packed our bags making sure the heavy things were at the bottom and the eggs at the top.

On returning to school Scarlett had to go and prepare for the mock trial so Zack from Goshawks came to help us. We measured, mixed, weighed, grated and poured, before Mr Harman carefully placed our master piece into the oven.

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All that is left of the carrot cake now is…was one lonely piece (just been eaten).

Congratulations Ben, Scarlett and Zack for a job well done.

Mr Harman

BAM Group Adventure

On the 11th February the first ever BAM boys group set off on a 5 mile hike that took them along Rodborough Common, past Minchinhampton common and down through Amberley and Theescombe to Dunkirk Mill. From there we walked along the cycle path into Nailsworth and finally arrived at our destination, a yurt in Rockness, where we had our awards ceremony.

Over the last 10 weeks the boys have been meeting to try out new challenges in order to build their skills in:

  • Resilience
  • Problem Solving
  • Emotional Literacy
  • Teamwork
  • Leadership
  • Self and Peer Advocacy
  • Communication

I am incredibly proud of all of them for all they have achieved and it has been a privilege to guide them through this journey.

A special thanks must go to Miss Spiropulous who joined us on our hike (and brought the marshmallows)

Mr Harman


NSPCC Visits Year 5 & 6

On Thursday 28th Natalie from the NSPCC came into speak with year 5 and 6. We looked at how to keep safe, identified the different types of abuse and thought about all the ‘Trusted Adults’ at home, school and in the community, who we could speak to if we were worried, frightened or upset. All the children were very receptive to the message and gave some excellent answers.


What does it take to stay safe?

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Year 5 trip to SkillZone Gloucester

On Wednesday the whole of year 5 visited the Skill Zone centre in Gloucester. The aim of the trip was to experience and examine a whole range of situations from household fires and the dangers in the home to dark alleys and trips on buses and how to make sure we stay safe at all times.

This was a hugely valuable experience for all the children and one which will hopefully make them think when they are in certain situations in the future.

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One Snowy Night 

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Today was our first performance to the parents & families and it was FANTASTIC! I am SO impressed with ALL of the Peregrines for the effort they have put into their character roles. I can’t wait to do it all again tomorrow evening!
Please remember to come back to school at 5pm tomorrow to get ready for the final performance!

From a very proud Miss Smith 😄

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