Ospreys visit Bristol Zoo

The children had a fantastic time at Bristol Zoo today. Visiting the forest of birds, the reptile house, okapi, pygmy hippo, gorillas and howler monkeys were just a few of the things we were lucky enough to do. We also had our very own lesson in magical rainforest classroom. Have a look at our video that captures some of our best bits. More to follow.



Investigating sound in Goshawks

Goshawks class were investigating sound by listening to the vibrations through their tables. Cate then demonstrated different pitches with her guitar.



Eagles Class Blog

Eagles your challenge is use the following extract within 100 words of your own in a piece of creative writing, you can choose to start with the extract or use it anywhere you wish in your writing.

Please post your writing as a comment to this blog post.

…the mysterious box creaked open….


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