World Awareness in Sparrowhawks

Sparrowhawks @ Gastrells

We have been so busy and have had such fun! As you can see we have learnt South African songs which some of you may have heard, and today we performed our South African dance which can be viewed on the school blog. We have also learnt to make clay Meerkats (These are in the kiln room awaiting firing)and even produced meerkat comic strips on the ipads. Our needle-felted fish are now on display in the class room and we are beginning to create our batik and sewing dancers. We have written super stories retelling a traditional South African fable and created those lovely traditional designs which can be seen on the wall outside our room. We have also learnt about the continents and have completed a map of South Africa with a key.

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World Awareness Dances across the whole school!

Yesterday we had the opportunity to all share our World awareness dances that we have been learning with Mrs Smith in P.E with the parents. It was fab to see all of the children participating in a whole range of dances from around the world. Thank you Mrs Smith for all the hard work you put into every dance

Just in case you missed yesterday’s performance…

Gastrells World Awareness Dances from Jake Muskett on Vimeo.

‘Two great teams leads to a fair result’

Sport @ Gastrells

Superb match ends 2-2 in an end to end clash against Rosary Primary!

A great performance by all involved with Theo leading the way in defence making tackle after tackle earning his man of the match honour. Two goals from Myles, with one of his goals certainly in with a chance of bein crowned goal of the season after a powerful strike from outside the area. Both coaches agreed that tonight there were ‘two great teams with a draw being a fair result’

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Week 1 of world awareness ✔️

Peregrines Class Blog

Here are just a few photographs taken over the course of the week for you to enjoy. We have been so busy that we couldn’t post on the blog for each individual activity. These photos show a range of things that we have been up to such as making African instruments, drawing maps , looking at photographs from Namibia and even learning songs and stories.

Can you spot Namibia on our maps of Africa?

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